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Form Your Company Online with Spengler & Agans

We’re pleased to announce that as of July 28, 2016, we’re offering a more efficient way to form your company online with Spengler & Agans!   Spengler & Agans is bringing innovation to the legal services industry. We offer entrepreneurs a reasonably priced, web-based process for starting a company that also includes the opportunity to get answers in-person […]

Q&A with Greg Brown of Charlotte Angel Fund about Charlotte Investors and Startups

Parts of this article were first published on Charlotte Agenda by Justin Agans.  How Startups Raise Money As a business lawyer who works with startups every day, I regularly speak with entrepreneurs about raising capital. One of the recurring themes of those conversations is the question of how startups raise money. Charlotte has a growing startup scene, […]

Borrowing Startup Capital from Friends and Family

Entrepreneurs, in Charlotte and everywhere else, may feel they have no choice but to borrow money from friends, family, or both. This article from the Charlotte observer does a nice job of highlighting some of the issues an entrepreneur should contemplate before considering family or friends as an option for business funding: 5 things to […]