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5 mistakes small business make on their terms of service and privacy policy

Starting a business takes an extreme amount of work. There’s countless hours spent on developing your product, graphics, websites, business cards, apps, partnerships, and operating agreements, and this is usually before the company earns its first dollar. Somewhere in that tornado of activity is the website’s terms of service and privacy policy. Usually a quick […]

Trademarks protect market opportunities and increase valuations for startups, study shows

Every business starts with an idea. Even the best idea can be quickly exposed and copied by bigger companies in the market. For fans of Shark Tank, this problem usually comes up right before venture capitalist Kevin O’Leary asks the business founder why a competitor won’t “crush you like the cockroaches you are.” Startups and […]

Amazon is sending foreign and domestic merchants to file United States trademarks

Amazon has built one of the world’s richest companies that now does everything from produce movies to design smart assistants like Siri. The company started off as an online marketplace, and is the go-to for purchasing everything you can imagine. Amazon sells products themselves, but allows anyone to sell products on their website. This became […]

Five Urban Legends of Intellectual Property for Startups and Small Business Owners

Strange rules and urban myths pop up all the time regarding the law, and are frequently difficult to prove or disprove. There are rarely bright-line rules, and you will probably find some variations between different states and jurisdictions. A ruling in California may be completely ignored in North Carolina. The following are urban myths from […]

Can Charlotte restaurants and breweries be sued for playing background music from Spotify and Pandora?

The Charlotte Observer reported that popular bar, restaurant, and Carolina Panthers tailgating spot Draught received some unwelcomed news this week: they were being sued for playing five songs as background music on Spotify and Pandora. How much could five songs potentially cost the Charlotte business? $150,000, plus attorneys fees, even when using a paid music […]