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The Data Breach Era: Why Businesses Must Take Cybersecurity Seriously

Americans used to think of cybersecurity as something impacting major banks or governmental agencies. After all, hackers were typically launching missiles or stealing billions in James Bond Movies. The typical citizen never worried about someone accessing their personal information outside of their Social Security or credit card numbers.  So much has changed in just the […]

Comedians like Louis CK are using gag orders to protect jokes; can startups do the same to protect business ideas?

Stand-up comedians and startups are fighting the same problem: how to protect the ideas that are not covered by intellectual property? Per The New York Times, comedians can spend years developing, improving, and completing jokes and sets that their careers will rely on. Comedians take a financial hit if their best jokes leak on social […]

Amazon accused of violating children’s privacy: Businesses and the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act

Amazon’s Echo Dot Kids is illegally violating children’s privacy, per a complaint filed with the Federal Trade Commission. The Campaign for a Commercial Free Childhood & Center for Digital Democracy, along with a number of other groups, allege Amazon’s children’s smart speaker collects information in violation of the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA). What […]

How the CCPA, CalOPPA, and GDPR impact North Carolina businesses: California and EU information privacy laws

Whether you call it information privacy, data security, or more generally understand the topic from a privacy policy posted on a website, businesses have amassed a considerable amount of private data on their consumers, customers, website visitors, and employees. In the wrong hands, that information could lead to identify theft, blackmail, discrimination, lawsuits, and a […]

“Gray area” IP: Trademarks for marijuana, hemp, CBD, and cannabis

States have rolled back laws restricting marijuana use, with many jurisdictions now allowing recreational cannabis usage. North Carolina is not among those states and has more recently pushed back on popular CBD foods and stores. According to the Charlotte Observer, Charlotte businesses sell CBD, less commonly known as cannabidiol, in oils, smoothies, burgers, smoothies, cocktails, […]

Fighting YouTube copyright claims from trolls and scammers

Google has some of the world’s most advanced technology, ranging from advanced search algorithms, satellite imaging, to artificial intelligence. Which is why it’s surprising to see their video service, YouTube, so susceptible to copyright trolls and scammers. Even if you have written authorization to use background music, video clips, or sound clips, there is a […]

Cybersecurity and Privacy Primer for Businesses and Startups

Cybersecurity may sound like an IT issue but businesses are finding out this is a major issue for top management. Large corporations, small businesses, and even startups maintain a range of sensitive data, ranging from personally identifiable information to confidential financial and client information. Computers produce a lot of information on clients. Look at Yahoo’s […]