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Cybersecurity and Privacy Primer for Businesses and Startups

Cybersecurity may sound like an IT issue but businesses are finding out this is a major issue for top management. Large corporations, small businesses, and even startups maintain a range of sensitive data, ranging from personally identifiable information to confidential financial and client information. Computers produce a lot of information on clients. Look at Yahoo’s […]

Lessons learned from The Office about protecting your company from former employees

There are few guarantees when running your own business. However, as soon as you hire your first employee, you are guaranteed to eventually lose them. You hope that former employee leaves on good terms but that’s not always realistic. Even if you ensured the employee was happy and well paid, they may decide to use […]

Copyright infringement demand letter: what to do when threatened for using a copyrighted image or video

The Internet allows startups and small businesses to have a 24/7 storefront. The site can be found by new customers easily accessible and located through social media and search engines. Instead of spending 9-5 at a brick and mortar location, founders can work flexible hours, rent a virtual office, setup at a coworking workspace, or […]

Startup strategies: Why every small business must protect their trade secrets

Startups and small businesses must constantly push to outdo their competition, or they can quickly become former competition. Trade secrets can be the key to prevent business extinction. What happens if the competition steals your ideas, plans, and products? Trademarks, copyrights, and patents can protect big parts of a small business, but how do you […]

5 mistakes small business make on their terms of service and privacy policy

Starting a business takes an extreme amount of work. There’s countless hours spent on developing your product, graphics, websites, business cards, apps, partnerships, and operating agreements, and this is usually before the company earns its first dollar. Somewhere in that tornado of activity is the website’s terms of service and privacy policy. Usually a quick […]

Trademarks protect market opportunities and increase valuations for startups, study shows

Every business starts with an idea. Even the best idea can be quickly exposed and copied by bigger companies in the market. For fans of Shark Tank, this problem usually comes up right before venture capitalist Kevin O’Leary asks the business founder why a competitor won’t “crush you like the cockroaches you are.” Startups and […]

Amazon is sending foreign and domestic merchants to file United States trademarks

Amazon has built one of the world’s richest companies that now does everything from produce movies to design smart assistants like Siri. The company started off as an online marketplace, and is the go-to for purchasing everything you can imagine. Amazon sells products themselves, but allows anyone to sell products on their website. This became […]