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Fraud and the Fyre Festival Part 1: A legal analysis of the world’s worst music festival

“Never attribute to malice that which can be adequately explained by stupidity.” So instructs Hanlon’s razor, a philosophical guide for eliminating unlikely explanations for human behavior. This aphorism was top of mind when I sat down last weekend to watch Netflix’s popular new documentary, Fyre Festival: The Greatest Party that Never Happened. The Fyre Festival […]

One small mistake with prepaid services can cost businesses millions

In the new “on demand” economy, subscription-based revenue models, or subscription plans, have grown in popularity. Think of Netflix, Dollar Shave Club, Blue Apron, and what feels like hundreds of monthly “boxes” delivering everything from clothing, to vinyl records, to wine. But not all subscription plans are created equally under the law. Businesses also are […]

What You Should Know About This Recent Supreme Court of NC Decision

The Supreme Court of North Carolina handed down a decision that has important implications for employment litigation. The case (Morris v. Scenera Research, LLC, No. 429PA13) was a double threat in that it answered two novel legal questions under both North Carolina’s Wage and Hour Act (NCWHA) and the Retaliatory Employment Discrimination Act (REDA). What […]