Form Your Company Online with Spengler & Agans

We’re pleased to announce that as of July 28, 2016, we’re offering a more efficient way to form your company online with Spengler & Agans!


Spengler & Agans is bringing innovation to the legal services industry. We offer entrepreneurs a reasonably priced, web-based process for starting a company that also includes the opportunity to get answers in-person from an experienced business attorney. The legal industry has long been criticized by clients—lawyers are slow to react to changing technology, unresponsive to emails and phone calls, and (above all) too expensive. Sensing a market opportunity, corporations like Legal Zoom have swooped in to fill the void, offering consumers an automated, low-cost alternative to traditional law firms.

However, these companies have their own set of shortcomings. Clients report dissatisfaction with the lack of any human interaction (sometimes it’s nice to speak with a real-life person, even a lawyer!). Entrepreneurs who form their companies through platforms like Legal Zoom often leave the process with unanswered questions and doubts that everything was done correctly. Professional state bar associations have accused Legal Zoom of the unauthorized practice of law.

Spengler & Agans offers the best of both worlds: a reasonably-priced and efficient option for starting a company that also allows you the opportunity to get answers from a real-life, experienced attorney.


Interested clients begin the process by filling out the online intake form that takes about 15 minutes to complete.* Filling out the online questionnaire in advance jump-starts the process and makes your in-person meeting with business attorney Justin Agans more efficient and effective. As part of the in-person meeting, Justin will go over any questions you have about the formation documents, give a general overview of the general aspects of starting a new business, and point out the additional legal needs your company can expect over time as it grows—what we like to call the Startup Timeline.

You’ll leave the process with a newly formed North Carolina business and a sound foundation on which to build your company without having spent big-firm dollars. At Spengler & Agans, we offer the efficiency of Legal Zoom with the personal touch of a local brick-and-mortar law firm. We look forward to helping you get your new company off to a great start.

To get started on forming your North Carolina LLC, click here.

* No attorney-client relationship is established until and unless the prospective client signs an engagement letter offered by Spengler & Agans. Interested, prospective clients may also call us for more information on pricing and service offerings.

If interested in learning your new business options, contact our attorneys below. Spengler & Agans offers a flat-rate legal checkup for startups and business needing a broad, overall legal review of their business and business practices.

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