Here’s What You Missed at April’s Pitch Breakfast

Not only are we proud sponsors of Pitch Breakfast, but we also have a series on Charlotte Agenda.

Below are the highlights from this month’s pitchers (Read the full post here, on Charlotte Agenda)

Interloop | Interloop is a digital sales coach for companies with complex sales models. services to companies with complex sales models.

Here’s how it works: Interloop feeds Watson (IBM’s Watson, one of the most powerful computers in the world ) emails and other data from a potential sales target. Watson then uses that data to provide insights into the personality and behavioral traits of the sales target—insights the salesperson can use to communicate more effectively with the potential customer or client.

Thrive GPO | Thrive increases the purchasing power of nonprofits with everyday expenses.

With Thrive GPO, suppliers get a dedicated sales chain, non-profits stretch their donations, and Thrive makes a profit while doing good work.

Car Payment Services, Inc. | Car Payment Services, Inc is an honest broker that provides services for car payments and loans.

Essentially, Car Payment Services, Inc. will cut out the middleman through creating an online marketplace/platform for the sale of repackaged loans.

RediPay | RediPay is focusing on the removal of insurance companies that sell dental coverage. According to them by removing the insurance company employers could save a sizable amount.

The key to RediPay’s business model is shifting the risk or liability of paying for dental services from the insurance company directly to the employer.

To stay up to date with Charlotte’s start-up scene and for a full lowdown on all of the startups mentioned, follow our series on Charlotte Agenda.

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