Startup & Business Law

At Spengler & Agans, we know the importance of educating clients about how legal needs change over time. We walk our clients through a timeline for a typical startup’s legal needs and then tailor a plan for each client’s unique circumstances. Contact Justin for more information on the business law service offerings of Spengler & Agans.

Our experienced attorneys can help with the legal and compliance issues facing your startup and small- to medium-sized business.


Are you ready to start your new business? We can help you determine how and where to form, and setup necessary founding documents and organization policies to keep your business protected.

Employment Contracts

Are you planning to hire talent? We can help with employment contracts for employees or independent contractors to limit your liability and protect business assets.

Commercial Leases

When you are ready to move out of your garage, or simply moving to a new office, our attorneys can negotiate and redline important and lengthy commercial leases for new office space.

Contract Review

Drafting and negotiating the key contracts your company uses, including service agreements, sales contracts, and vendor deals.

Intellectual Property

Make sure your business assets are protected, whether trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets with federal filings and correct contract language in employment and vendor agreements.


Are your privacy programs enough to protect client, business, and employee information from cybersecurity attacks, bad press, and lawsuits?


Whether your company is on the wrong end of a lawsuit or the wrong end of a contract dispute, our attorneys can help with litigation and negotiation.

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