Startup Packages

Spengler & Agans offers several Startup Packages. Each package includes a consultation with business attorney Justin Agans. Clients typically spend up to two hours meeting with Justin and in follow-up communications by phone and email. If you are interested in forming your company in Delaware please read this article on forming in North Carolina versus Delaware.

Please choose from the following:

LLC Formation

$800 (plus $127 filing fee)

Recommended for one-member companies

Includes an Operating Agreement, Articles of Organization, Subscription Agreement, and an LLC Certification. (The electronic filing fee payable to the North Carolina Secretary of State is an additional $127, with expedited processing available when you checkout for an additional $100.)

Buy-Sell Agreement


For existing companies with more than one member.

A Buy-Sell Agreement is an important legal document that governs the sale of a member’s interest in an LLC when any of 5 “Ds” occurs – Disagreement, Death, Disability, Divorce, or Departure (i.e., Retirement) ….and, Bankruptcy, but that doesn’t fit the 5 Ds rule!

There is the option for a sixth “D” that would trigger a buy-sell event – Discontinued Employment for Cause. This occurs when one of the Members commits an act that warrants termination of employment for cause, such as stealing from the company.

*** Note: Given the interrelated nature of the two legal documents, it is S&A’s firm policy that we do not offer a stand-alone Buy-Sell Agreement to companies that formed with an Operating Agreement through LegalZoom or another firm. If this applies to your company, give us a call to discuss a “corporate cleanup” of your existing foundational documents.

LLC + Buy-Sell

$1500 (plus $127 filing fee)

Recommended for companies with two or more owners.

Bundled discount includes everything from both of the other packages.

Questions? Give us a call at (704) 910-5469 or contact us here. We’re happy to talk. Our goal is to respond to all inquiries within one business day.